Sunday, January 24, 2021
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“We are staying three farm laws until further orders,” : Supreme Court

New Delhi, Jan 12: Supreme Court on Tuesday decided to suspend the implementation of the three farm laws which were enacted in September 2020. The court has also decided to set up a special committee  pf agricultural experts to analyze the ongoing crisis.

The farmers unions said that they are not wiling to appear before the committee, the bench said, those who want a solution ‘genuinely’ will do so.

“We are staying three farm laws until further orders,” Chief Justice SA Bobde said.

After eight rounds of talks with farmer unions and government no conclusion has been reached. While the farmers want the government to repeal the laws completely, the government is firm that it will only make amendments.

“These are matters of life and death. We are concerned with laws. We are concerned with lives and property of people affected by the agitation. We are trying to solve the problem in the best way. One of the powers we have is to suspend the legislation,” the Chief Justice said.

“We want to solve the problem and that’s why we are making the committee. Give the names to us, we will decide,” he added.

The Supreme Court also said that it is ‘extremely disappointed’ by how the government is handling this issue and said that it will try its best to resolve the problem effectively.

“Each one of us we will responsible if anything goes wrong. We don’t want any injuries or blood on our hands,” the Chief Justice had said in a series of sharp comments.

As the centre asked for more time, referring to ongoing negotiations, Justice Bobde said: “We don’t see you are dealing with this issue effectively. Who is going to be responsible for bloodshed if any?”

Next round of talks between the farmer unions and the government is said to be held on Friday.