Monday, January 25, 2021
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New COVID-19 Strain: countries banned flights to and from UK

UNITED KINGDOM, DEC 22: Panic struck worldwide after the discovery of the mutant Covid-19 strain in the UK by the Public Health England’s Genomic Surveillance.  Chief Scientific advisors suggest that it is 70% more transmissible and increases the reproduction number of the virus by 0.4 percent.

According to the Research it is being said that the virus was first detected in September which rose to quarter of cases in November with two-third cases by mid-December in UK. This mutated virus has the potential to transmit more than its other variant.

The virus is heavily concentrated in London, South East and the Eastern England with traces of cases across UK, except Northern Ireland. In the view of this development PM Borris Johnson have curbed planned relaxations for the Christmas celebration with imposition of tier four level of restrictions. Many countries have banned flights to and from UK, which includes Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium.

The UK government was notified about this discovery on the 18th of December which submitted the report to the WHO on the same day. According to the BBC “the variant either emerged in a patient in the UK or has been imported from a country with a lower ability to monitor coronavirus mutation.” The experts opine that the most likely explanation of the emergent virus is in a patient with weakened immunity whose body was unable to beat the virus and became its ‘breeding ground’ to mutate.

Remarkably, the virus mutation is not a new phenomenon or exclusive to the SARS-COV-2 Virus. Reports suggest, there is no evidence to substantiate that the new mutated virus discovered in England is more deadly than its previous variant, but the mere increase in the tendency to spread is a matter of concern as it would lead to flooding of patients there by increasing the burden on health infrastructure.