Monday, January 25, 2021
Home Politics Mamata Banerjee calls BJP 'junk' party

Mamata Banerjee calls BJP ‘junk’ party

New Delhi, Jan 12: While referring to the recent mayhem at Capitol Hill in United States Mamata Banerjee claimed that the BJP cadres will behave like Donald Trump supporters the day they lose elections.

“The day the BJP loses elections, it’s cadre and supporters will behave like that,” Banerjee said while addressing a rally in Nadia district.

Targetting BJP she said the BJP has turned into a “junk” party, which is “filling up its rank and file with corrupt and rotten leaders from other parties”.

“You must have seen some (TMC) leaders switch over to the BJP. They have done it to protect the public money they had looted. The BJP runs the party like a washing machine, where corrupt leaders turn into saints the moment they join them,” she said.

She also expressed concern over the ongoing conflict between the farmers and the BJP government at the Centre and said the country will soon face a food crisis if the party remains adamant on new farm laws.

“The country is staring at a food crisis. If the BJP continues to remain adamant on the farm laws, there will be a food shortage in our country. The farmers are assets of our country and we should not do anything that goes against their
interest,” she said.

She has also demanded the repeal the three farms laws passed in September.