Sunday, January 24, 2021
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COVID-19 Vaccine- Dry run of the immunization process to be held in four states.

NEW DELHI, DEC 28: Dry run of dummy vaccination is scheduled on 28th and 29th of December. This is to pursue a well-ordered chain of operation for the largest immunization process in the country. The  drive will look after entire procedure, from the cold storage facility for the vaccine to administering any adverse effect on the beneficiary. The four states selected for this endeavor include, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarati, Punjab and Assam.

As per NDTV, “After states identify their two districts, the first step will be for them to schedule five vaccination sessions in five different locations. The locations will be primary health centers, community health centers, or a district hospital” the senior official said.

The drive is a fourfold process. Hundred beneficiaries from each state will be a part of the trial. Through SMS they would be informed about the name of the vaccinator and the time of vaccination. The Temperature of the vaccine to be monitored from ‘depot area’ to the vaccination site. The beneficiaries will be administered for 30 mins after the vaccination, to observe any adverse effect.

The drive intends to test India’s Vaccine IT delivery platform, co-win. It is a digital platform that would manage the entire vaccination process.

Health commissioner Katamaneni Bhasker stated to PTI that the Dry Run would help identify any gaps and bottlenecks before the actual drive begins.

Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh will effectuate the drive on Monday.