Monday, January 25, 2021
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Bar Councils condemn Advocate Mehmood Pracha’s office raid.

New Delhi, Dec 30: On Monday the Supreme Court Bar council condemned the Delhi police’s action of raiding Pracha’s office earlier this Thursday. The police contented that they were searching for the “incriminating documents” and “metadata of outbox” for which they had the magistrate’s order. The  investigation continued for 15 hours in his office at Nizamuddin and seized Lawyer’s computer and Laptop. In response, Pracha filed an application in Delhi Patiala’s House court seeking an investigation into the whole incident.

The police on the other hand registered an FIR against Pracha, alleging that not only were they met with verbal abuse, but also obstructed to carry out the magistrate’s order. The Patiala house Court demanded a response from the Delhi police by January 5. The court further directed the production of the raid’s video footage.

The Delhi Bar Council Association wrote to Home ministry expressing their anguish. In the letter they pointed out the understanding between the representative of the bar association and the Delhi police, according to which the bar association have to be taken into confidence in matters related to case against any advocate.  This was flouted by the Delhi police through such actions.

Denouncing the malicious act, the Supreme Court Bar Association on Monday defended the rights of the advocate to practice freely. It further expressed its concerns over the Magistrate’s order stating that such actions are ‘antithetical to the rule of law’ and constitutes ‘violation of privilege directly affecting the administration of justice’, as per live law.

Advocate Mehmood Pracha is representing several accused in the North East Delhi riots. The police allege that he has been involved in forging documents and tutoring the victims to produce false statements. Besides him, the office of advocate Javed Ali was also raided on the same day.